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Initial Meeting

So you’ve decided to have a custom garment made just for you. Congrats on a great choice! This is what my process looks like typically from start to finish.

I begin with an initial meeting where I get to know you better, what your ideas and visions are for a custom garment, what your lifestyle is like, and who you are as a person and what you’d like to portray through your clothing.


Build & Plan Timeline

From there, I build a plan and timeline to achieve the finished garment well before your deadline and get started sourcing patterns, fabrics and any other components that go into the garment. I like to create a mood board, sketches or some type of visualization of the project and begin to get an idea of the costs involved of the time and materials needed to achieve the best results. 

Image by Marissa Grootes
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Consultation Meeting

I share these ideas with you over a consultation meeting, which is a paid meeting. The reason I collect a payment at this time (which is applicable to the total cost of the service) is for a few reasons. #1 reason is that it demonstrates that you, the client, are serious and committed to go forward with the process of all that goes into creating a custom-made garment and #2 reason for the paid consultation is for the time and research that I have put into the process thus far and as a down payment for my services.


Contract & Design Execution

After the consultation meeting, I draw up a contract and project worksheet with all the details about the project, images, patterns, materials, deadlines, costs, payment schedule and other components that are a part of the garment and creation process. This contract is an agreement between the client and the creator and is meant to have everything in writing in case of any questions or disagreements regarding the custom creation. 

Once the contract has been approved and signed, the real fun begins! This is where the pattern is cut, a mock up is sewn up in muslin material, and the construction process is underway. 

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Fitting Sessions x2

There will be at least two scheduled fit sessions and more as needed to perfect fit and design aspects before the final cutting, sewing and delivery of the finished garment. Fabrics and materials are purchased, and the garment is sewn in the best quality and technique as possible. 


Garment Delivery

Upon completion of the garment, the final item is delivered ready to be worn. I ask permission to share the process, photos and images of the creation on social media and for feedback on the experience from the client. 

Please allow at least 6-8 months before your deadline for this process. Depending on the complexity, a longer lead time may be needed, such as 12 months or more. 

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Fill out my questionnaire to get started!
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